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Vietnamese coffee is better known to many coffee drinkers for its intense caffeine kick, mixture of condensed milk and plenty of refreshing ice, aka (“Ca Phe Sua Da”). Since the 19th century when the French first introduced the beans to the country, Vietnamese coffee industry and culture have grown leaps and bounds. Most noticeably is the way people enjoy locally produced coffee in Vietnam and everywhere else in the world. Unlike the sophisticated ways of enjoying coffee of the western cultures, Vietnamese coffee is brewed and savored in slow drip on small French Press (“Phin”) filter. The ritual is the time for people to slow down, reflect and appreciate life. These elements help create a truly unique Vietnamese coffee culture.


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As a Vietnamese descent, I migrated to the US in the late 1990’s with many hopes and dreams. I looked forward to a brighter future and bringing the best to my family. To me, coffee represents the essence of simplicity, diligence and individuality. As a child, I saw my uncles savored their dark coffee brewed over ice, aka (“Ca Phe Da”) every morning before starting a long work day as construction workers. My grandfather caught up with his children over a cup of hot coffee (“Ca Phe Sua Nong”) in morning before he headed to work in his bicycle shop. Of course, crema and fancy latte art aren’t part of their java; just genuine flavor crafted in single serving. After many years of living in California, I have not seen these coffee values transpire. I believe the Vietnamese coffee culture and values should be shared and exemplified. The only way to bring out the the best cup of coffee is to unite this unique coffee culture and taste individuality.



It takes about 5-8 minutes to brew a cup of coffee. So I invite to you take a few minutes to listen the coffee drips (yes, the best part about Vietnamese coffee!), slow down, reflect and appreciate. annunci incontri sesso trieste I hope you enjoy your small cup of coffee as much as you enjoy everything else in life. Cheers